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Kathy Morrow
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Kathy Morrow works in the unusual medium of scratchboard. Her originals are reproduced as lithographs each with a limited edition size of 250. She often includes original Gouache remarques one her limited editions, which not only increases their value but complement the image.

Kathy received her education degree at Northern Arizona University, and took courses at the Maryland Institute of Art. Kathy first began experimenting with scratchboard in 1974. "For seven years I followed more traditional methods, working with solid black ink on the white clay surface and cutting tiny lines with a razor sharp knife. Later, I inked silhouettes allowing for the combination of pen and ink in white areas and knife cuts in black areas. There was an element missing that would make this media complete for me. In 1981, I attempted full color in scratchboard."

" My first work was a complete failure. I wanted dimension to the color and instead, the work lacked depth. In the process of attempting to save this piece, I made a series of discoveries that are the basis of my color process today. I found that a depth of color could be achieved in a layering process. Cutting with a knife and then painting these cuts with three transparent glazes of color. India ink, watercolor and alkyd glazed are alternated with a layer of cuts into the white clay surface. This layering process may involve several hundred hours in larger pieces. The resulting work has the color clarity of transparent watercolors, the meticulous line detail of scratchboard and fine finish of an oil glaze on masonite. The art continues into the framing. I select leather, fetishes, quills or make hand loomed beadwork to complete each piece."

Print Shown: Horse Feathers

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