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Henri Peter
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Henri Peter was raised in Switzerland and Peru. Although not a Native American himself, he has studied and documented the American Indian culture for many years. He feels he is a historian as well as an artists. An artists with natural talents, he took to the canvas only a few years ago, and is rapidly gaining wide recognition.

Henri portrays on canvas unique style, attention to detail and vivid color. His intensity in life is directly reflected, and adds great inspiration to his works.

Henri graduated from college in Lausanne, Switzerland and speaks fluent French, German and Spanish. He currently resides in Lausanne where he devotes full time to the art of capturing the dramatic depictions of the Native American spirit and culture. The paintings he creates are imbued with strength, power, intensity and emotion.

Henri has published several limited edition prints, and continues to be a major mark in the world of Native American Plains Indian originals. He is collected throughout the world by what seems to be very devoted following of collectors.

The Wild Eye carries several of Henri Peter's limited edition prints and originals.

Print Shown: Sundancer II

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